Williamson Pediatric Dentistry

In the months leading up to the opening of Williamson Pediatric Dentistry in Spring Hill, Tennessee, Andrew (Dr. Drew) and his wife Angie began talking to Kevin Robinson Design about their vision for this new kid-friendly practice.

Andrew had always loved frogs, and had always thought he’d like to use that as a theme throughout his kid-friendly dental practice’s branding. With this insight, and a bit more conversation about their branding goals, Kevin went to work sketching up several ideas, a few of which are seen below.

Kevin wasn’t satisfied with just designing a “frog logo”, however—he wanted this logo identity to have some layers to it’s meaning. The use of clever typography and illustration combined the letter “W” and the frog design element into a cohesive design that not only achieved the fun and playful vibe that the Williamsons were looking for—but it also brought some individuality and ownership to their brand image as well. After a few renditions were presented, and then fine-tuned, the final logo emerged and the Williamsons were extremely pleased! You can check out more of what they thought of the entire logo design process by reading the client testimonials in the sidebar this website. Also, some of the sketches you see in the second image below show some ideas that were created that eventually were used on WPD’s new WordPress website, which you can see more of here.

williamson_dentistry_3LogoSketches williamson_dentistry_sketches williamson_dentistry_logo