The Well Outreach

The Well Outreach is a non-profit organization in Spring Hill, TN that helps people who are having a hard time making ends meet. The Well provides food and toiletry items to anyone who who needs assistance in our area. One of their annual fund-raisers is the “Small Can—Big Difference” change drive. Just by dropping spare change into one of these jars (which are located all over Spring Hill, TN) our community can raise thousands of dollars that goes to helping folks right here in our own community. Kevin Robinson Creative has provided assistance with design and marketing needs for this non-profit for years and really enjoyed helping design and create these coin jars with custom designed labeling. The Well’s blue-brick pattern design was used on the label background and the campaign title was prominently featured to quickly deliver the message.

If you would like get involved with The Well, they are always looking for volunteers and donations. You can contact them at (615) 302-9355 and they are located at 5226 Main Street, Suite C5.