The Lydia Group

The Lydia Group wanted to improve the visual appearance of their client presentations. As a consulting firm that helps with tasks such as fund raising, marketing, process improvement and many other services, the goal with the design project was to come up with something that provided a professional appearance, while being flexible enough to appeal to a wide range of clientele.

With no previous marketing materials in place, Kevin Robinson Design was tasked with creating a blend of visual elements that could not only be used on this piece, but be a foundation for their visual branding to be used on other marketing materials in the future.

Some of the input provided from The Lydia Group was that they would like something that provided a feeling of “looking ahead”, “providing clarity” and “being on a journey”…
KRD provided a couple options and both were received well—but the final design is the one you see below.

If you need help with creating eye-catching designs or graphics for your business, contact Kevin Robinson Creative today. Kevin can help guide you toward a polished, professional look for your marketing materials and help build your visual brand.