Academy At WellSpring

The Academy At WellSpring opened it’s doors in 2014 on the campus of WellSpring Christian Church, in Spring Hill, TN. This new preschool met with Kevin Robinson Creative earlier the previous year to begin building a new identity and website for the school. After the initial design consultation, Kevin did some research on other local schools and their identities in the area and then set to work, coming up with several ideas that he presented to the leadership of the preschool. The goal with this logo design project was to create something stylish, modern and most of all—fun! (It is a preschool, after all). After sketching for a few days, Kevin landed on this idea of integrating the “A” and “W” from the name of the school into a fun and playful star shape.


The group at The Academy liked a couple of the ideas Kevin presented, but ultimately really fell in love with the “Star” concept. They felt like they could use the concept in all kinds of different ways in the school as time went on. After agreeing that this was the way to go, the next step was to digitze the logo and begin experimenting with typefaces and font treatments, as well as color. The following image shows the final result.



Kevin also presented the logo in a format where it was reversed onto a dark blue background.
Everyone really liked this look, and it ended up looking like this on signage, the website and several other marketing materials.


The Academy At WellSpring logo project was a big success and everyone involved was really satisfied with the final outcome.
If you’re ever in the neighborhood of 1001 Chapman’s Crossing in Spring Hill, stop by and check them out.