Pardon me while I talk about myself in the third person.

Kevin is a versatile graphic designer who has worked in various capacities in the creative field since 2001. At an early age Kevin enjoyed creating, drawing and painting. This love of art and design was formalized when he studied design, typography, painting and graphic arts and then when he began his career as a graphic designer.

When done with classes, (and sometimes during them) Kevin worked at a local advertising agency, learning from more experienced creative professionals and taking advantage of the resources the agency had to offer. As it turns out—sharing a printer with 50 other design students was not as fun as it sounds. These were the days when we actually printed our work out and put them in books. So archaic!

After earning his degree in Graphic Design and then moving to the Nashville area, Kevin continued his work as a freelance designer building a loyal client base that continues to grow every year. Also during the early days in Nashville, Kevin landed a job as a designer at an advertising agency. Over the course of the next 11 years he would stay here while gaining valuable experience while overseeing the entire creative operation—including leading the creative team to produce top-notch work in their industry. The agency life was fast-paced, fun and great experience as a Creative Director was gained during this time.

Over time the agency life lost its luster and through a fortuitous meeting with the owner of a local Software Development company a new adventure was at hand. Instead of designing ad campaigns Kevin was now creating beautiful user experiences for digital products and software interfaces—this included software prototypes, large enterprise-level mobile and web applications and everything in between.

Kevin has always considered himself a ‘human-centered’ designer — meaning that everything he creates ultimately is going to be interacted with in some way by a human being—so the design needs to be user-friendly and simple. Whether that is a business card or a mobile app—the design needs to be so good it does not get in the way of the ultimate purpose of doing the job it is meant to do.

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