Spring Hill Art Walk

On September 19, 2015, Main Street in Spring Hill, Tennessee was filled with music, art and people enjoying themselves. This family-friendly event was organized by my wife, Arica Robinson and Sarah Gonzales, (aka the Bread Lady from Spring Hill Bakery). Spring Hill needed an event like this. We have so many great artists of all kinds in our community and this event put the spotlight on about 30 of them. In the early days of planning for the event, discussion centered around how we would promote the event. Some brainstorming took place and we ultimately decided to go with an Art Deco theme for the marketing materials for the event. The anchor design piece for the event was the a poster design and it began as things usually do for Kevin Robinson Creative—with some sketchbook ideas. Below you can see the sketch that came to be the inspiration for the final design of the poster. After the general idea and sketch was done and approved the final design was created in Adobe Illustrator and featured a duo-tone design style with a night time scene of a main street.

Spring Hill Art Walk Poster Design


Another important component of this campaign was email marketing. Kevin Robinson Creative uses MailChimp to create and manage custom-designed email campaigns and this tool was instrumental for sending out mass emails to the artists and businesses involved in the Spring Hill Art Walk. Below, you can see one of the emails that was designed. The design had a consistent look and feel to help build the visual brand image for the event.

Spring Hill Art Walk, Spring Hill, TN


A Walking Map was created to help Art Walk attendees know which businesses along the route had participated in the event. If a business sponsored an artist they were listed on the map and assigned a number. Yard signs were also created and you can see both the map and sign design below.

Spring Hill Art Walk 2015 Walking Map Design
Spring Hill Art Walk SignsIf you are in need of a graphic designer to create an amazing image and design for your next event, then get in touch with Kevin Robinson Creative. We love creating vivid graphic designs for events and would love to talk to you about your project.