Southern Ridge Farm

Southern Ridge Farm (SRF) is a family farm located south of Nashville on the outskirts of Spring Hill, Tennessee. SRF takes great pride in raising and treating their animals in a beautiful, natural environment, ensuring that their products are of the utmost quality.

Realizing that branding and marketing was an important component of starting his new family farm, owner Keith Cannon did a quick search for Logo Designers in Spring Hill and soon he and Kevin were discussing plans for creating a new identity for Southern Ridge.

Kevin was able to take a trip over to the farm to soak in the atmosphere and beautiful scenery, as well as see how they do things out on the farm.

Through conversation and filling a sketchbook with ideas, Kevin was on his way to creating a strong new logo design that would be the centerpiece to the overall visual brand for Southern Ridge Farm.

Below you can see a few of the ideas as well as the final logo design. Southern Ridge was very pleased with the way the new logo had a natural, earthy quality to it, but also seemed modern and contemporary. This is exactly how they describe their farm, so the logo was a big success.

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