Shining Social

Kevin Robinson Creative teamed up with It’s Just Plain Genius to create a new business name for Nashville-based “Shining Social”, a social media marketing firm. After the initial naming project was completed, Kevin began working on the visual branding and logo development.

As a new business in a very competitive Social Media market, the owner of Shining Social wanted something “bright” and “eye-catching”—and something that would instantly show people what kind of personality they have.

After a quick briefing on the details, Kevin got to work sketching up several pages of rough ideas. A few of the ideas really stood out from the pack, so he took those to the next step in the process before ultimately deciding on the one you see below.

The subtleties of the logo were what really set it apart. Since we were dealing with the subject matter of social media, Kevin wanted to create something that conveyed a sense of “community” and “gathering around a conversation”. Also, it needed to be bright, cheery and positive, just like the founder of the new business.

The logo was a huge hit with the founder of Shining Social. They were so excited when they saw the initial sketch—so it was clear we were going to go with that idea from the different concepts that were provided.

The new logo design has been implemented into Shining Social’s new stationary, social media presence and soon-to-come new website design.

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