Ink & Squeegee

Kevin Robinson Design had the privilege of helping new local start-up business, Ink & Squeegee with creating their new brand identity and logo design. After getting a few initial logo designs done elsewhere and not feeling like they fit with their vision for the business, Ink & Squeegee crossed paths with Kevin Robinson Design and they began discussing plans to create a new logo.

Some of the words used to describe the type of logo they were looking for were:|
“Retro”, “Vintage”, “Hard Working” and “Easy-Going”.
Also, in addition to wanting this logo that had that traditional “silkscreen” printer type of vibe—they wanted something that would appeal to teenagers as well as adults.
Ink & Squeegee, based in Spring Hill, Tennessee, has plans to open a storefront where customers can come in and design their own custom apparel.

The logo design project was a huge success, the owners of Ink & Squeegee actually said, and I quote:
“I absolutely LOVE this design! Don’t change a thing about it!”

I’ll take that kind of feedback any day. Here’s a look at the initial sketch, the black-and-white and color versions of the new logo.