Helping Hands Website

Helping Hands Thrift Store is one of my family’s favorite shops in Spring Hill, Tennessee. You just never know what you’re going to find at this place. It’s kind of like a mashup of shopping, a yard sale and a treasure hunt—pretty fun stuff! Over the years, it came to my attention that the store didn’t have a good website, so it had always been on our mind that someday we were going to help build them a new website.

When the store was preparing to move to its new location on Duplex Road in Spring Hill, my wife Arica began talking with the store manager to get some information about what a new site should look like and what kind of information it would communicate to the community. After getting the necessary information, Kevin teamed up with It’s Just Plain Genius and began work on a new website.

On the content side, we wanted to convey the heart behind the store. We created all new content for the site that explained what the store is all about,  including information about the leadership and the various ways that the Spring Hill community can donate and help out.

From a design perspective, we wanted the new website to reflect the physical store. New photos were taken and used throughout the website to give it an authentic feel. And since Helping Hands is all about people, we also wanted to feature the folks that put in the time, effort and hard work that run the store—the awesome staff!

The site project was a huge success. The new website not only looks and works great—it makes the updating process very easy for the staff. Plus, it was designed as a responsive website, so it looks and functions great on smart phones and tablets as well. So, check it out, and of course stop by the store if you haven’t lately—we’ll see you there.